Journey" is a verse-by-verse interactive teaching from Luke on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary. Currently Pastor Jeff Crosno is teaching from the book of Acts.

Each session of "Journey" is in 2 parts:

 Book of Acts

Journey 05_10_2017_03.mp3
Journey 05_10_2017_04.mp3

Journey 05_03_2017_01.mp3
Journey 05_03_2017_02.mp3

Journey 04_26_2017_01.mp3
Journey 04_26_2017_02.mp3

Journey 04_05_2017_01.mp3
Journey 04_05_2017_02.mp3

Journey 03_22_2017_01.mp3
Journey 03_22_2017_02.mp3

Journey 03_08_2017_01.mp3
Journey 03_08_2017_02.mp3


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